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Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas is ... a stick ball and a broom handle.

·         Bats - $300
·         Gloves - $200
·         Spikes - $100
·         Professional style uniforms for little leaguers
·         AAU teams cost families thousands
·         Some kids play over 100 games in a season. 
So ...
·         How come they still don’t  know when to go 1st to 3rd on a base hit?
·         Why do players look bewildered when a coach says to read the batter’s swing and position accordingly?
·         After hitting a ball into the left field gap, why does the runner look to the 3rd base coach for help in deciding whether to go for the triple?
My Answer:   Too much organized ball run by adults.

Back in the day on the sandlots, streets, back alleys, back yards, etc. kids played without adults all day long with virtually no equipment.  To play this way you have to think for yourself.  If you screwed up too many times, you were not picked to play.  Think your coach is tough?  What would a bunch of 10 year olds say to you if you didn't take the extra base in a big game against the kids from the next neighborhood?

Want to be a better player?  Look to the Dominican Republic for guidance.  Kids play all day with virtually no equipment and no adult supervision or direction. Their numbers in professional baseball, along with those from other Caribbean and Latin American countries seems to grow each year.  Teams are increasing their scouting in the Dominican and some are even investing.

Want to be a professional baseball player?  Put away your family’s checkbook for a while, tell the adults to stay away, and get out there and play.

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