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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funniest manager / umpire interaction?

Studio 42 on the MLB Network had a show on the other night about umpiring.  Lots of great stories about the sometimes funny, sometimes turbulent interactions between managers and umpires.  Here are my two best true stories involving a manager and an umpire.

First Place

This story involves a minor league manager. I became the pitching coach about a week after this occurred.  While our manager was coaching third base, the opposing manager walked out to the mound to talk to his pitcher.  Since the umpire never called time-out, our manager told the runner on third base to run home since the catcher went out to the mound also.  The plate ump said "No, no, no ... come on coach, when a coach goes out on the field, time-out is automatic."  The manager argued a little but eventually just said "Ok, fine." and the runner went back to third.  Later in the game the other team had bases loaded and their batter hits a line drive in the right-center gap.  Everyone is running around the bases and our manager runs out on the field IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAY waving his arms yelling "I'm on the field! TIME OUT!  TIME OUT!"  Immediately ejected after the play ended.  True story!


I was on second base in college and the opposing coach came to the mound to talk to the pitcher.  After a bit, the plate ump walked out like they usually do to get the game to keep moving.  This is what was said:

Ump: "What are you going to do, Skip?" 

Coach: "I'm taking him out." 

Ump: "Which pitcher do you want?" (two were warming up - lefty and a righty)

Coach: "You pick one, they both stink."

Ump: (Points to the pen) "Give me the lefty!"


What a beautiful game!

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