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Monday, January 10, 2011

The importance of a good catcher

If you have not seen this article from, it's worth the time.  Especially if you are a catcher or know someone who is.  Click on the title.  Below the picture are links to a few other sites that catchers and coaches might find useful.

(Photo: Howard Smith/US Presswire)
As if Phillie fans needed another
reason to love Carlos Ruiz

Brent Mayne's Website : Brent Mayne is a 15 year MLB veteran who has a good, common sense approach to catching.  The site has videos, a blog, tips, and a book to purchase.

Steve Ellis Catching Instruction: Another site that includes some good, basic instruction for any kid interested in catching.

Championship Productions - Catching Videos: A good listing of some of the more popular catching videos for purchase from Championship Productions.

Webball / Catching: A good site for catchers and coaches to learn technique and drills. Click around for every other position as well.

Catching 101:  JUST ADDED!  A good site recommended by a reader.  Thanks!


  1. Great free site if you are interested.