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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grind it out

Below is a link to an article that I think has a good message.  It's written by a former major leaguer (Todd Jones) for The Sporting News.  He was still pitching when he wrote it.  It's a bit old but it has a good message for players of any age.  This time of year there is lots of enthusiasm with better weather arriving and players getting out onto the field after a long winter.  However, right around the corner will be the long, hot summer days when a lot of players begin to wear down.  Also coming down the pike will be the inevitable slump or rut every player gets into.  It could involve hitting, fielding, pitching, or your mental side as well.  How a player handles this part of every season will go a long way in determining their long-term success in the game.  A prominent Pirates scout once told me that when he goes to see a player he not only wants to see him do well, he wants to see him face some adversity.  How he handles it sometimes says more about the player than a home run or a 90 mph fastball.

So enjoy the start to a new season but be prepared for what is to come.

Article:  Grind it out to end a slump

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