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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quiz - Attentional Focus

I mentioned before in a previous post about a tremendous book I recommend for coaches.  It's called The Psychology of Coaching Team Sports by Larry Leith.  It is very readable and includes a number of activities for coaches and their players to gauge their mental strengths and weaknesses in a variety of ways. One of the activities assesses what is called Attentional Focus.  Everyone tends to be stronger in one of four areas of focus.  As the interpretation explains, when a player is faced with a pressure situation, their strength can sometimes turn into a weakness.  When I completed this activity, it was right on target.  Once a player knows what areas they tend to be weaker in, they can then address those weaknesses with strategies (also in the book)  that minimize those weak areas when it comes to performance.  

Attentional Focus - Questionnaire

Attentional Focus - Scoring and Interpretation

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